Reminders & Alerts

Are you tired of trying to keep track of when insurance policies are due for renewal, credit card payment due, loan payments due – and so much more? Would you like to have the ability to easily send friendly reminders and alerts to your customers automatically? With our Reminders & Alerts solution, you will increase client loyalty and satisfaction by automating the process of sending reminders and alerts to your customers before and after service.

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Use Cases for Reminders & Alerts

Business banking

Private banking


Customer service


Mortgages & loans

Features of Reminders & Alerts

Automate Reminders

Automatic reminders a few days before the ECS to remind customers of the payment due.

Integrated Payment Link

Online payment link for the clients to pay any bill or charges.


Helps to Locate Nearest PoS

Geo-location tracking to guide the customer to the nearest PoS to make their payments.


Maximize value to your customer base

Enables businesses to re-engage with their customers and up-sell any product to the existing clients.